Company Philosophy

Company Basis:

Develop and or provide products and distribute them throughout Indonesia to realize the needs and desire of consumers.

Company Commitment


Making products that are marketed in accordance with the needs and desires as well as the main choice of Consumers.


Provide benefits to the Investor.

Partners / Customers

Maintaining good relationships with Partners / Consumers.


Fostering a sense of security, peace, comfortable and happy for Employees and Their Families.


Helping the Community’s economy through the company’s work activities.


Helping the Government to increase economic growth.

Employee Spirit


The company believes that the spirit of innovation will bring sustainable change for the better.


The spirit of developing leadership for the direction of the organization and move people according to their ability.


The spirit to make honesty as the foundation of life in working as capital for all employees.

Sense of Ownership

The spirit to develop a sense of belonging to the company for each employee to achieve the shared goals or targets.

Passing Through The Challenges and Targets

The spirit to make various difficulties and targets carried as challenges to overcome.